Custom Mugs and Cups

Custom Mugs and Cups

PriceFrom €65.00

Handmade porcelain mugs and cups, wheelthrown and decorated by hand.


Mug : Ø8cm x H11cm ≈ 350 - 400ml

Cups : Ø8 x H7cm ≈ 200ml

Dimensions may vary from one piece to another.


Originally made as a gift to a friend, the porcelain cat mug got a lot of success. Therefore, I'm offering to draw a portrait of your favorite animal on a mug or a cup, for you or as a gift.

The portrait is painted with cobalt oxide, black when applied and deep blue after the firing. It takes between 1h and 1h30 to draw one portrait, plus the time spent on the first sketches to confirm the photo.


Please note that because it is a custom piece, it will take up to 3 to 4 weeks to be made and can sometimes be subject to delay.


It is possible to have more than one portrait on one piece, limited to 3 and for an additional cost of 25€ per portrait.


Once the order is completed, please send me an email on with your order number and the photo(s) you wish to have on the piece. Feel free to send more than one image so we can discuss the best choice together !